Talent Accelerator Program

We have created a program to hire and train top local talent. Our program keeps them challenged with new problems to solve every day and pushes them to expand their skills by learning the latest technologies and best practices as the industry evolves.

What We Do

Hire Top Talent

We utilize our pipeline of talented, local developers from our community connections and local colleges and code schools. We measure candidates with technical and personality assessments to find the right developers for our program and clients.


Our team members regularly pair up with each other to see different approaches to solving problems and learn the best practices that they haven't utilized before. We also do regular code reviews with the entire team to share some of the same knowledge and practices.

Continuous Improvement

We've built a program that uses regular skill assessments to help our team members continuously improve. The skills in that program match the tools and processes that our clients use. We track the progress of each team member to help promote their growth.


We provide all of our team members online and in-person training courses so they can learn new tools and processes. Each team member has allocated time each quarter to complete their training.