Talent Accelerator Program

We help you build and train your development teams without taking internal resources away from critical projects. We have created a custom program to recruit, hire, and train recent graduates so they can fit right into your development processes. As you bring the projects in house, you can hire those developers onto your team.

What we do

Hire for Your Needs

We utilize our pipeline of talented developers from local colleges and code schools to fill our hiring funnel. We assess that talent with a combination of technical and personality assessments to find the right developers for your project.

Build Developer Success Program

We work with your team to build a monthly skills program over a six to twelve month period. Our developers learn the same tools and processes that your teams use. We assess the progress of each developer so you can track their growth every step of the way.

Mentor Developers Thru the Process

Our team leads work closely with the developers in the program via training sessions, code reviews and pair programming. We help fill in the gaps so those developers can quickly make an impact on their projects.

Offboard Talent to Your Team

When you are ready to take the project in-house, we give you the option to review the progress of the developers working on the project and hire them onto your development team.

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